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Rallyday 2006
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Colin McRae Tribute
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Rally Finland 2007
The 'day out' at Castle Combe will long be remembered by the thousands of people who attended.

This year is 25th Anniversary of Ari Vatanen / David Richards and the Rothmans Team winning the World Rally Championship.

The gang decided on Castle Combe for this years "Meet".

The big attraction for us Rothmans Escort nuts had to be Ari Vatanen and David Richards teamed up again with VLE756X - kindly provided by the folks at The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

David Sutton -
David Sutton ( Cars ) - Historic Motorsport Ltd.
D.S. brought along an incredible selection of legendary Escorts and many of his staff, past and present.

Also there was Pentti Airikkala - 1981 Rothmans Team

Russell Brookes, Jimmy McRae, Mikko Hirvonen were just a few of the celebrities showing just how it should be done.

There was something for everyone - but apart from the Rothmans tribute - I was particularly impressed by the guys in the Richard Burns Subarus, and a great showing from the Sunbeam boys, also with a 25th anniversary to celebrate.

A great day indeed. Many thanks to Brian Stubbings and his staff at Rallyday for a job well done!
Rallyday 2006
Colin McRae Tribute