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Rob Channing's page 

The car was pretty much as it was when I bought it i.e. engine and body shell.  All the other minor stuff either I've done or appointed people to do i.e. welding, painting etc.
Alan Watkin's page

Ex David Sutton Rothmans Ford Escort.  The car was originally in a private museum for 10 yrs., and has now been fully restored mechanically.  The paintwork has been left original.
This car is an active rally car and has recently competed in the MK2 challenge in Carlow, Ireland.
Sim Menzies' page

HNO 57T-Bought in march 2003 for £300 as a rolling shell. Found in a barn in Suffolk, where it had been quietly rusting away since 1997.
Frank York's page

1978 Australian Escort GL 2 litre Mk2.  The body plastic-bead blasted back to bare metal. Every dent or bump was removed with the shell being returned to better than new condition.
Davy Wilson's page

Bought the car in June 2002.  Had done just enough to have it ready to bring it over to the Classicford Show at Santa Pod in June 2005. A bit of an ordeal to get it over from Belfast, but well worth it!!
Graham Saunders' page

During the repaint, it was discovered that there was a Rothmans livery underneath - complete with brush-painted lettering as per the originals.  Further investigations drew a blank unfortunately...but who knows??
Thomas Schulz page

A fine example from Germany.  All the right stuff.  Check out http://www.rs-teamschulz.de
Jarkko Kärkkäinen's page

Early days, but Jarkko plans to replicate the 1981 Ivory Coast car.  It will be unique in that it will incorporate a lot of the 'Safari spec' details.
John McDonald's page

Another project in it's infancy.  John's is the second Rothmans replica from 'down under'.
The originals page

As you may have guessed, this page has some old photos of the original cars.
The originals page 2

Three guesses!……………..
The originals - details page

Some of the bits that are hard to see at 90 m.p.h.
'Other stuff' page

Engines, gearboxes, trim, electrics....try here.
Links page

Some interesting sites - some specialist suppliers.....
The originals - results page

Details of the results for each of the cars results in 1980 and 1981
Thomas' page.
Jarkko's page.
John's page.
The Originals
The Originals 2
Rallyday 2006

RothmansEscorts.com visit Castle Combe for the 25th Anniversary of Ari Vatanen and David Richards winning the World Championship.
Rally Finland 2007

RothmansEscorts.com visit Finland